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    Complete Solutions

    Gypsum & Gypsum Plasterboard Plants
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    Plasterboard Plants Equipments

    Turn-Key Plants for Gypsum Plasterboard Production
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    Dosaging & Metering Systems

    State-of-the-Art Technology to
    Provide Economical Solutions and High Reliable Equipment
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    Plasterboard Equipment

    Expertise & Sustainability to drive efficiency even further
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    Automation & Control Systems

    Fully Automated Solutions with Up-to-Date Communication Systems
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    Calcination Systems

    Our Ability & Expertise to Control and Fine-Adjust the Rotary Kiln Calcination will assure Uniform-Quality Gypsum Powder

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About Us

MMM ERBA Makina was established in 2001 by mechanical engineer Mr. Melih Baran KILIÇ, who had long valuable experience in gypsum calcination, gypsum plasters and plasterboard production, to provide high reliable and economical solutions in the sector.

In the first years of its establishment our company provided consulting services in gypsum market and supplied equipment and plants for gypsum plaster production.

Melih Baran Kılıç
Chairman of the Board

State - of - the – Art

technology to provide

economical solutions & high reliable equipment.

Engineering & Consultancy
Automation Systems





  • Expertise & Sustainablity

    to drive efficiency even further.